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Limitations of Liability

Legal Stuff

The Inspections carried out by an Experienced Pre-Purchase Building / Property Inspector are NON INTRUSIVE and VISUAL ONLY as per Australian Standards AS4349.1-07. The Full Report should be Read Thoroughly and taken as GENERAL ADVICE ONLY on the condition of the BUILDING / PROPERTY ON the DAY of INSPECTION with regard to other Buildings / Properties of the same Style & Era, and NOT a WRITTEN GUARANTEE or WARRANTY on the Existing or Future Condition of the Building / Property. NO RESPONSIBILITY Will accepted for any MATTER NOT EXISTING, LATENT or OTHERWISE, AND NOT CLEARLY EVIDENT at the TIME & DATE of the inspection, without interference or removal of any of the Structure, including Fixtures, Fittings, Objects, Stored Items and Personal Belongings either In the Building or on the Property, or any Deterioration thereafter the Date of Inspection. The Inspection is carried out to Australian Standards AS4349.1-07, Where Defects have been found and Reported on, it is up to the client to act on the Advice given in the Report and have Suitably Qualified Tradespersons attend to the defect/s to a Professional standard. Comments are made on many Issues, such as the Type of Fuses in the Mains Box & use an Electronic Wiring Tester for Plug Sockets, also comment on Leaking Taps & 'U' Bends, to name but two Trades, but I am not a Qualified Electrician or Plumber, and the Relevant Qualified Trades Person can carry out Tests beyond my Scope, using the same two Examples above, the Electrician can Detect Faulty Wiring that is not visible, the Plumber can carry out Pressure Tests to find Leaks in Pipes hidden in walls, that have not made any adverse impact on the wall or cladding.

It Is Advised

I would also Advise you to Consider other Inspections, that are also Important, and may Save you Money in the Long Term and / or give you Peace of Mind, these Include, but not limited to: - Salt Damp, Pest Control & Asbestos. As mentioned, this Report is based on a VISUAL INSPECTION, therefore any areas Concealed, such as Wall Framing, or Access is Unavailable, such as Under Ground or if Access is Restricted, e.g. Locked Doors where keys are not available, or Access is Unsafe, too Small or too High, can not be Inspected or Reported on. Defects in These Areas could Include, but not Limited to: - Breakage or Blockage to Concealed Pipes in Walls or Underground, or Damaged Wiring in Cavity Walls. The Standard Property Report does not contain an Assessment or Opinion on Matters or Issues that are subject to a Special Purpose Property Report, (as described in the AS4349.1-07) which covers Inspection and Reports on Matters which are Solely Regulated by State Legislation, These Include: - the Detection & Identification of Illegal or Unauthorized Building Work, Environmental, Neighborhood, or Heritage Concerns and Common Property, Health and Safety Issues such as Asbestos, Security and Fire Protection, Swimming Pools and Spas, Report of Site Drainage (except for surface water) and Durability of Exposed Coatings and Finishes.