Building DIY

Advice and Tips

Buddy in a Book

By Paul Hibbert

Building DIY Advice and Tips for Chimneys

Information in the Book Includes :-

Options, such as removing or replacing a Chimney Pot.
Dropping an unused Chimney Stack to a safe level & Capping Off.
Removing a Chimney Stack to below Roof Cladding.
Advice on Estimating Materials and Tools needed to get through the job at hand.
Mortar Flaunching, Removing Broken / Deteriorated Bricks & Mortar Pointing.
Working with Slate, Tile and Corrugated Metal Cladding.
Working with Step, Soldier, Apron & Soaker Flashings.

The Buddy in a Book provides Building Maintenance Advice & Tips to the DIY Enthusiast, to promote Confidence by advising about prepairing for a job, estimating Materials, the Tools required and Tips about doing the job.

Even if you do not do the work, reading the Book will provide you with enough Knowledge and Confidence to converse with Tradesmen, who may respect their new found knowledge and provide a better Service. (less chance of being ripped off, unfortunately there are rogues in every business)

Buddy in a Book is a great present for Fathers Day, Birthday Gift and Xmas stocking filler or a little hint to do some work around the Home.

Chimney Book $12.50 au

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Other Books

I have just started to write the Buddy in a Book Series, I am now going to get to work on the next issue about the Roof in Slate, Tile & Corrugated Roof Cladding.

Please call back to see if there are more Books available, or contact, I will let you know how I am going and can send you an Email to let you know when the next book becomes available.

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