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My Building Trade Experience

From the Top, which would be the Chimney

Chimney:- I have Installed Chimney Pots & Gas Cowlings, I have removed them and capped off the Chimney (a common issue in SA)) installing Air Bricks for ventilation. I have dropped unsafe Chimneys down to Roof Ridge Height, also right the way down below the Roof Cladding, (usually Slate or Tile) and Slated or Tiled over the top. I have also cut & Fitted Lead Flashings in the Apron, Step & Soldier Styles.

Roof:- I have repaired & Re Roofed Slate, Tile, Random Stone, Corrugated Asbestos, Metal & Laser lite Roofs, the only Roof I have not had Experience with is Thatched.

Ridge Tiles:- I have Bedded Ridge Tiles in place & Pointed them using a good sound Sand & Cement mix in both stages.

Gutters:- I have repaired & replaced Lead Lined Timber Box Gutters, Cast Iron, PVC & Metal Gutters & Down Pipes.

Roof Timbers:- I have repaired & replaced Timber Facia, Bird Boards, Barge & Capping Boards, I have not Installed the Metal Fascia System but aware of its Fixings, but have worked with Metal Flashings & Capping.

External Walls:- I have replaced Broken/Weathered Bricks, I have raked out Loose/Cracked Mortar & Troweled in New Mortar from Chimneys to full Houses. I have Built Timber Studded Walls and Cladded with Timber & Fibro Cement Boards. I have done Brush Render Coating but not Trowel On, but aware the Damp Coarse should not be breached nor Weep Holes sealed, something I look for.

Windows & DoorsI have opened up both Solid Brick & Brick Veneer Walls, installing Timber &/or Metal Lintels to Install Doors & Both Timber & Metal Window Frames. I have Installed many External & Internal Doors inc Locks.

Carpenter:- I have Knowledge / Experience in 1st Fix, Roof, Wall & Floor Timbers, 2nd Fix, Skirting & Architraves, have lined Ceilings & Walls with Plasterboard, I could not do Flushing & Cornice to a Professional Standard & paid Sub Contractors for such work.

RenovationsI started as a Laborer at 17 working along side all Tradesmen, in Renovating 2 up 2 down Terraced Homes, adding Rooms in the Roof Space (FLOORING NOT CONNECTED TO CEILING JOISTS), adding Bathrooms & fitting new Kitchens etc, I have Installed a few Kitchens myself.

I have been busy over the Years, but nearly there

Australia:- In 2002 I obtained a Carpenter Builder Supervisory License, I have prepared Scale Drawings for the Council and Built Pergolas & Decks.

Fencing:- I have installed Metal Post & Rail Fencing with Corrugated Iron & Colourbond Fence Sheets, but have not done Brush Fencing, I have also Made & Installed Timber Gates.

Insurance Inspections:-I have carried Insurance Claim Inspections for two respected Adelaide Insurance Companies as a Sub Contractor, taking Statements, Inspecting the Damage and Preparing a Scope of Works.

Other Inspections:- Building Inspections with regard to Maintenance, prioritizing repairs and providing a Scope of Works and Costs.
Also Health & Safety Reports regarding Wheel Chair Access, Hand Rails for the infirm, Smoke Alarms, Fire Extinguishers and Fire Doors ect.

I have had Experiences while Laboring not mentioned such as Water Proofing Cellers, running Electric Cables under Floor for Electricians, Running Copper Pipes underfloor for Plumbers, drilling into Brick Walls below Floor Level and Pumping Chemical Damp Coarse, digging Trenches for Strip Foundations, Storm Water Pipes & Sewer Pipes.

So we have literally gone from TOP to BOTTOM

Please DO NOT mention Jack of all Trades, these are People who think "oh thats easy" and do not bother to get Professional Advice or look into Specifications and do not even know where to start, a Good Part of my Income over the years has been from Angry Wives paying me to Fix their Husbands Bodge Ups.

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