Building DIY

Advice and Tips

Buddy in a Book

By Paul Hibbert

The Buddy in a Book provides Building DIY Advice and Tips to the DIY Enthusiast

Why Buddy in a Book?

Over the years working on the Tools I have been paid by angry Wives to fix their Husbands DIY attempts, it has always been clear that some of those Husbands could have done a lot better, had they done their homework, and been properly prepared.

Buddy in a Book promotes confidence by advising about preparing for a job, estimating Materials, the Tools required and Tips about doing the job.

I have also noticed that many people do not have a clue about the Building Trades, which is totally understandable, they have focused on learning their respective Trade or Skill set to earn a living, but now have a Home to Maintain.

For these People, reading the Book will provide them with enough Knowledge and Confidence to converse with Tradesmen, who may respect their new found knowledge and provide a better Service.
(less chance of being ripped off, unfortunately there are rogues in every business)

Buddy in a Book is a great present for Fathers Day, Birthday Gift and Xmas stocking filler or a little hint to do some work around the Home, it is also Great Value for Money.

Chimney Book $12.50 au

Use PayPal above to make the Purchase, I will then send you an Email with the PDF Book attached, Let The Fun Begin Buddy

Other Books

I have just started to write the Buddy in a Book Series, about Building Maintenance from top to bottom, which is why the first edition is about Chimneys.

I am now going to get to work part time writting about the Roof in Slate, Tile & Corrugated Roof Cladding.

Please call back to see if there are more Books available, or contact, I will let you know how I am going and can send you an Email to let you know when the next book becomes available.

chimney book cover